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Meeting as a family on a regular basis to discuss the present and future direction of your farm can be beneficial.

As a child, Judith Sutherland named all the animals on her family farm. She couldn't give up on any without recognizing its wonder in the world.

Barn cat politics are complicated. They are full of alliances, double-crossing and violent overthrows. 

The old farm dump site in the woods of Judith Sutherland's youth provided her and her siblings with the boards they needed to build their own treehouse.

Alan Guebert recalls the eccentricities of the humble family vacations of his youth, still amazed that his parents managed a week’s vacation every August.

Born in Judith Sutherland's father's love of farming was an ability to see the joy in the life he had chosen.

Despite their many ventures in refrigerated freight, milk processing, meat production and more, the Woodruff family remains rooted in the small family farm.

Judith Sutherland shares some of her grandson's make-believe games about life on the farm.

On the day of Judith Sutherland's father's funeral, she and two family friends witnessed a spectacle that really was a testament to her father's values.

Judith Sutherland shares a column from 2007, about the many uses of twine and duct tape on a dairy farm.