Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Global uncertainty is continuing to affect farmers across the U.S. Inputs and commodity crop prices are still high. Farm incomes for 2022 look strong so far, but there are still many unknowns about 2023.

According to estimates released by the U. S. Department of Agriculture Sept. 1, net farm income for 2022 will rise $7.3 billion to hit $147.7 billion. 

One measure of profitability is net income per cow, with competitive farms above $1,300 per cow. Learn how to improve reproductive efficiency on your farm.

Asset ownership, hours worked and management responsibilities vary across managers, operators and owners of the farm. Learn to divide farm income, fairly.

Need time to catch up with your debt? Learn more about these seven ways farmers can manage their financial liabilities.

Learn more about practical ways you can manage your income and cash flow.

SALEM, Ohio — The USDA Economic Research Service released reports Nov. 30 forecasting what most farmers already know — the U.S. 2016 net farm...

At a time when support seems to be high for farmers, that support simply doesn't translate into higher prices for farmers, writes Editor Susan Crowell. We can feed the world, but we just can't make ends meet down on the farm.

Normal cash expenses can't be deducted until they are actually paid. Learn more about income tax planning for your farm.

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis' farm income index value declined for the seventh consecutive quarter to an all-time survey low.