Thursday, February 22, 2024
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The Brunton family is still processing the loss, but the community has rallied around the beloved Beaver County dairy farm.

A fire took out a building and all the hay in it at Rogers Community Auction & Flea Market.

Barn fire claims four beef cattle, and another four escape.

The fires that have been plaguing the west are not a new phenomenon — fires were a scourge to the settlers in the prairies of the Old West.

The granddaughter of a Portage County farm family is trying to raise funds in the wake of a major barn fire.

As winter approaches and more people look to firewood to heat their homes, the Ohio Department of Agriculture is offering tips to help when purchasing wood.

Learn to conduct simple moisture tests and identify seasoned wood by its appearance, weight, smell and other characteristics.

The Pennsylvania family that lost their entire dairy herd in a barn fire Aug. 2 continues to recover, although the future of their farm is uncertain.

More than 120 head of dairy cattle were lost in a tragic fire that the owners believe was caused by lightning.

Rogers Community Auction's Pavilion G went up in flames May 19. No one was injured and only a stack of hay was lost. Owners plan for business as usual.