Saturday, September 30, 2023
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The fall rest period is important for pastures and forage fields, giving plants time to store enough energy for winter survival and stand longevity.

Although bale grazing on pasture can lead to some wasted feed, it has a great potential to improve the forage production in the area it's implemented.

Oats are a good crop to consider as an alternative forage because of its flexibility as a feed, yield potential and low-cost establishment.

The goal is to harvest at the boot stage for grasses and late bud or early bloom for legumes. Ted Wiseman explains in this week's All About Grazing column.

Soil testing provides more information to farmers so they can ensure their fields are healthy, productive and can support the land usage.

Choosing a forage that is adapted to the conditions of your pasture may be more effective than adapting your pasture to fit an appealing forage.

One thing we can do on these cold and snowy winter days is think of warmer temperatures and plan for new forage seedings.

Current pasture conditions are variable across the state due to lack of rain for many, so planning will get you better prepared for this fall and winter.

Learn more about farm management practices to make sure you have enough high-quality forage for 2020 and 2021.

Learn how proper management can help you avoid the risks of botulism and listeriosis and maximize your results in a baleage production system.