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A field director for the Western Reserve Land Conservancy will discuss conservation easements at a Sept. 6 East Central Ohio Forestry Association meeting.

A study led by Purdue University’s Douglass Jacobs presents a research team's findings on biotechnological risk assessment and forest tree restoration.

The Ohio Resource Connection, a statewide contractor database, lists wildlife and forestry professionals who can help landowners manage their property.

Oak wilt kills thousands of oak trees every year. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to identify, prevent and treat oak wilt disease.

A Penn State-led research team found that browsing by white-tailed deer had relatively little long-term impact on two tree species in a northern forest.

It is now illegal to sell, grow, or plant Callery pear in Ohio because of its invasive qualities and likelihood to cause economic or environmental harm.

Forest management can be complex, but good management practices are worth it to improve forest health, wildlife habitat and income from timber harvests.

Follow these tips so you don't accidentally transport invasive insects like emerald ash borer or fungi like oak wilt to new areas when purchasing firewood.

Jim Gresh and his wife, Heidi, are using a technique called European ecological forestry to enhance the biodiversity and habitat within their Ohio forests.

Assessing tree damage is important to prevent more damage, improve long-term tree health and ensure safety. Learn how to evaluate the damage to your trees.