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In stall-based housing systems, the cow stall design, surface and bedding type have a large effect on cow comfort and cow injuries.

Jason Hartschuh provides tips on udder care and mastitis prevention during the winer months.

OSU Extension educator Dirk Dempsey shares his grazing wish list and details strategies farmers can use for management-intensive grazing.

Ohio State University Extension educator Jason Hartschuh discusses steps dairy farmers can take to prevent respiratory diseases in heifers over the winter.

OSU Extension educator Ted Wiseman considers various bale feeder options to help beef cattle producers make informed decisions for their operations.

As a dairy producer, what principles can you follow to maintain a safe food supply? Ohio State Extension educator Chris Zoller offers advice.

Taking the time to test your forages and matching them with a proper mineral mix can ensure good animal health and reproductive efficiency.

Corn dried distillers' grains with solubles are widely available in the US as a feed ingredient for livestock animals.

Monitoring dairy calves with precision technologies based on the "internet of things," leads to the earlier diagnosis of bovine respiratory disease.

Early spring grazing can be risky. Take precautions and transition your herd to pasture slowly.