Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Using corn fodder residue for livestock to graze meets their nutritional needs and can provide an inexpensive feed source for 65-111 days into the winter. 

Many questions about sheep nutrition and handling were discussed at the 2021 Ohio Sheep Day.

We're in a cycle many cattlemen have faced before: tough markets and bad weather. Morgan Boecker offers some advice to cattle producers facing hardships.

A deep dive into a cow's production data to determine who has better genetics to manage heat stress can have long-term benefits.

Farmers in the cattle business need to learn to adapt and change over time as herd needs evolve and new management strategies and technology emerge.

Maurice Eastridge breaks down the decision-making process of breeding dairy cattle in this week's Dairy Excel column. Learn what you need to consider.

Learn to account for the nutrient requirements of all types of livestock during non-typical weather conditions.

Plan ahead for the winter season to keep your cows in an adequate Body Condition Score (BCS) range prior to calving.

Most sheep and goat producers will experience difficulties with internal parasite control. Learn how to improve your parasite management practices.

There are a thousand ways cattle production can go wrong, but one often forgotten is the risk associated with producing a bad steak.