Friday, December 3, 2021
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Most sheep and goat producers will experience difficulties with internal parasite control. Learn how to improve your parasite management practices.

There are a thousand ways cattle production can go wrong, but one often forgotten is the risk associated with producing a bad steak.

Feeding management during the dry period and with fresh cows is fundamental in reducing the risk of metabolic diseases after calving.

On average, a cow that experiences mastitis will have increased days to first service, days open, services per conception, and pregnancy loss.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Michel Wattiaux is conducting a study to improve herd management practices and potentially reduce cows' carbon footprint.

As the number of daylight hours increase, temperatures warm and pastures grow, farm managers should take steps to prevent hypomagnesemia or "grass tetany."

Mud can be detrimental to livestock and cause soil loss. Graziers need to have a mud control plan as part of a comprehensive grazing management system.

Distiller grains have been used as a feed ingredient in dairy rations because of high protein and fiber. Including them in a diet can lower feed costs.

Water troughs on farms are a conduit for the spread of E. coli in cattle, which can then spread the pathogen to people through bacteria in feces.

There's a lot to consider when purchasing a herd bull. Learn how to evaluate potential sires and get the most for your money, while improving your herd.