Sunday, December 3, 2023
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University of Wisconsin researchers studied genetic parameters for feeding behavior traits and their association with feed efficiency in Holstein cows.

High temperatures and uncomfortable humidity can be stressful for dairy cattle. Learn more about the effects of and managing heat stress in dairy cattle.

Prepare now for summer weather by providing additional water tanks and proper airflow for your dairy herd.

The days of allowing livestock to have full access to streams are numbered as more regulations are set and the importance of clean water is emphasized

The proper prescription of nutrients is critical for dairy cows to stay healthy and perform. Learn how to maximize your herd's production.

Several factors go into answering every producer's main question: How many heifers do I need? An Ohio State University Extension educator provides insight.

Taking care of the udder and teats during the harshest weather of the year will keep the cows comfortable and healthy, meaning fewer cases of mastitis.

In this week's All About Grazing column, Dan Lima reminds us of some farm management considerations we should examine before the end of 2021.

Learn more about raising grass-finished beef and what contributes to the overall quality of the meat.

Using corn fodder residue for livestock to graze meets their nutritional needs and can provide an inexpensive feed source for 65-111 days into the winter.