Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Before you purchase a house plant, you’ll need to weigh your lifestyle and accommodations against and the needs of different plant species to be successful.

The process for modifying a plastic water bottle to set up a closed terrarium is simple and can be done with minimal supplies.

Closed terrariums don’t require a lot of space or direct sunlight to thrive. Learn how to design, plant and maintain a self-sustaining terrarium.

Learn how to start, maintain and bring a tabletop hydroponics herb garden to full maturity in 60 days.

Learn how to recognize signs your houseplant is pot-bound and repot it like a professional in 10 simple steps.

Seed starting allows you to get a head start on your growing season while saving you the money and time from going to a greenhouse.

Starting your own seeds can give you more vegetable options, save money and make your garden more productive. Learn how to successfully start seeds indoors.

The amaryllis can brighten up any indoor space with its beautiful blooms. With proper care, you can enjoy yours year after year as it reblooms each winter.

Repotting your moth orchid is easier than you think. Follow these 10 steps to successfully repot yours.

Preparing your houseplants to transition indoors will help them thrive until next spring.