Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Learn more about how to identify and control spotted lanternfly, how to report an infestation and how to comply with quarantine regulations.

Learn to implement management strategies to stop the spread of the spotted lanternfly before it impacts agricultural industries in a bigger way.

Manage your woodlands by eliminating invasive plant species, especially before harvesting trees. Get tips and advice for Ohio and Pa. service foresters.

A team of researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences has found that invasive plants are increasing with natural gas development.

Invasive insects and pathogens could be a multi-billion-dollar threat to global agriculture and developing countries may be the biggest target.

Japanese knotweed is one of Ohio’s top 10 invasive species. Learn more about what it looks like and what to do with it.

Palmer amaranth is a member of the pigweed family and is spreading across the U.S.A.

Poison Hemlock can be dangerous to both humans and livestock and should be taken care of early in the season. University of Missouri Extension Specialists share how to identify and remove this invasive plant.

Invasive species affect native species, natural resources and agriculture. National Invasive Species Awareness Week is used to recognize the many groups that work to manage, control and prevent invasive species across the country.

How do you truly determine if a species is invasive or not? Many would be surprised at how many species found in Ohio today are not actually native. So are they invasive or what?
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