Monday, February 6, 2023
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It is now illegal to sell, grow, or plant Callery pear in Ohio because of its invasive qualities and likelihood to cause economic or environmental harm.

ODNR is encouraging people to report sightings of hemlock woolly adelgids, insects that can threaten hemlock forests.

Pasture walks and inspections help determine where invasive plants are taking root. Learn how to control invasive species when you find them.

One way to make a forest stand healthier is to control invasive species. Tree-of-heaven is an invasive that grows along field edges or areas of disturbance.

There are several different bush honeysuckle species in Ohio. Grouping them together, they are one of the most threatening invasive species in the state.

Follow these tips so you don't accidentally transport invasive insects like emerald ash borer or fungi like oak wilt to new areas when purchasing firewood.

Spotted lanternflies have infested much of the Pennsylvania and other parts of the eastern U.S., and have moved West into other states, like Ohio. But while spotted lanternflies present a threat to some crops, it’s important to take a step back and look at their actual impact.

Julie Geiss encounters the spotted lanternfly for the first time during an outing at Kennywood and is reminded of how vigilance can help stop its spread.

Knocking back woody perennials like multiflora rose takes effort. Proactive weed management is really the best approach in any pasture or fence line. 

The public is invited to a meeting for stakeholders along Conneaut Creek to learn more about a study of potential barriers for the invasive sea lamprey.