Sunday, December 5, 2021
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The West Virginia Department of Agriculture has confirmed a third county, Jefferson, that now hosts the invasive spotted lanternfly.

Learn about the latest management tips to combat the spotted lanternfly.

Non-native trees and shrubs are invading the native ecosystem in the Midwest. Learn about management strategies to keep them under control.

Research is helping develop strategies to monitor and trap the spotted lanternfly, which is confirmed in 34 Pennsylvania counties and several nearby states.

A population of the invasive spotted lanternfly has been found in Jefferson County, Ohio, the Ohio Department of Agriculture says.

Julie Geiss outlines some invasive plant species spreading within the U.S. today and ponders the best management techniques.

Most importantly, if you see a spotted lanternfly, let your inner child fly and stomp on that bug as hard and fast as you can.

Concerned about the spotted lanternfly and its spread within Pennsylvania and surrounding states? Learn more about the latest management techniques.

Ohioans better prepare — the spotted lanternfly was confirmed in Beaver and Allegheny counties, in Pa., just across the border from Columbiana County, Ohio.

SALEM, Ohio — Live spotted lanternfly egg masses were recently found in Beaver County, near Conway Railyard, about 15 miles from the Ohio border. To date, the Beaver County sighting is the closest reported to Ohio. These signs have some Ohioans worried the Buckeye state might be the next on the pests’ list. Joe Boggs, of Ohio State University Extension, said it is likely to end up in Ohio sooner or later. “We have no reason ... to believe that it won’t make its way to Ohio,” he said.