Thursday, November 30, 2023
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CAUV values are going up in nearly half of Ohio’s counties this year, in some cases more than 300%.

The USDA recently announced new funding to go toward natural resource conservation and CIG On-Farm Trials.

The Ohio Resource Connection, a statewide contractor database, lists wildlife and forestry professionals who can help landowners manage their property.

If you are planning to develop land, make sure you do your due diligence in obtaining all proper permits before breaking any ground. 

New landowners should know what is or is not allowable for works of improvement to be performed on their newly purchased parcel of land before purchasing.

Judith Sutherland's grandfather, R.H. Young, was a gifted a water witcher, or dowser.

While interest in leasing for solar development has ballooned recently in Pennsylvania, the industry is young, and landowners need to be cautious about getting involved.

What factors indicate a healthy creek? Learn how to determine whether or not your creek is healthy, so you can respond to indications of impairment sooner.

Ohio isn't known for its sunny skies, but farmers across the state have been contacted by solar energy developers about leasing land for solar projects.

It's really important to know that work in and around streams is regulated, even on your own private property.