Sunday, April 11, 2021
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While it's easy to be carried away by the dreams of fresh air and open space, the not-always-pleasant realities of rural life should also be considered.

Applying manure improves soil tilth, helps with water and nutrient retention, reduces wind and water erosion and promotes growth of beneficial organisms.

Learn to measure the nutrients in your soil to properly manage your manure application this fall.

While we often associate the word "compost" with food scraps and garden activities, livestock manure can be composted as well and used on the farm.

Poultry manure for permitted operations needs to follow the Natural Resource Conservation Service 590 standards when being stockpiled prior to spreading.

Keeping to the plan, following best practices and being a good neighbor could protect farmers against nuisance lawsuits over manure.

Widespread adoption by dairy farmers of injecting manure into the soil instead of spreading it could be crucial to restoring Chesapeake Bay water quality.

Find out if you're following Ohio's winter manure application rules properly.

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Farmers need to be aware of best practices for manure. Learn more about ideas and assistance to keep your valuable nutrients in place.