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Katie Eikleberry talks about the importance of good management practices when it is necessary to apply manure to fields during the winter months.

The annual Manure Science Review will be Aug. 3 in Defiance County from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at Innovative Ag, 10366 OH 249.

Proper manure application makes good sense for the environment and for your bottom line. But the key is that manure application has to be done correctly.

Being proactive in the management of livestock manure is the best defense against a pollution complaint.

Laboratory analysis provides the best means of determining manure's true value. Local Ohio State University extension offices can help you find a lab.

Theresa Dirksen, Mercer County Ag Solutions coordinator, has been working with livestock producers, in Mercer County, Ohio, to remove manure phosphorus. 

While it's easy to be carried away by the dreams of fresh air and open space, the not-always-pleasant realities of rural life should also be considered.

Applying manure improves soil tilth, helps with water and nutrient retention, reduces wind and water erosion and promotes growth of beneficial organisms.

Learn to measure the nutrients in your soil to properly manage your manure application this fall.

While we often associate the word "compost" with food scraps and garden activities, livestock manure can be composted as well and used on the farm.