Sunday, May 22, 2022
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With milk prices still low, this Knox County dairyman tries to be as positive as he can.

Dairy farmers at this year's grazing conference talked about the benefits of working together in groups, where financial information and performance is shared.

The farm bill conference committee released its final report, and awaits a vote by both the U.S. House and Senate.

This manure separator saves Cornell about 95 percent of its sand, which can be reused for bedding.

Sam Moore recalls a story about milk from the Scientific American Supplement No. 288, dated July 9, 1881, On the Composition of Elephants’ Milk.

World Milk Day, celebrated around the globe June 1, encouraged dairy enthusiasts to "Raise a Glass" of milk in salute of dairy farmers.

Four western Pennsylvania dairy farmers raced in the 2018 Pittsburgh Marathon May 6 as part of Team Chocolate Milk, a dairy promotion campaign that encourages refueling with chocolate milk after running.

Mercer County, Pa., dairy farmer recounts getting the drop letter from Dean Foods and her efforts to find a new milk market. Some have not been so lucky.

Dairy farmer Kevin Spreng built his way up gradually, starting with the family farm and branching out.

Holmes County honors top herds and dairy cows at annual banquet.