Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Brad Sheppard, a Muskingum County 4-H'er, pork ambassador and fair king, has been working on visiting all of the county and independent fairs in Ohio.

The heat didn’t stop 4-H’ers and fair visitors from enjoying the Summit County Fair, in Tallmadge, Ohio, during the last week of July. The afternoon of July 28, some 4-H’ers finally showed the livestock they’ve been working with all year, or geared up for more shows later in the week.

A year ago, some Ohio fairgrounds stood empty for most of the summer. Now, with COVID-19 cases mostly waning and guidelines lifted, they’re back in business for the 2021 season.

Ohio fairs will receive more pandemic relief from the state in 2021, due to a recently signed bill that gives the department of agriculture $4.7 million in grants for fairs.

This time last year, early fairs were still waiting on guidelines from the state and trying to figure out how to adapt to a global pandemic situation that was changing almost every day. Now, with initial guidelines released in March and experience from running at least partial fairs in 2020, they are on better footing for the upcoming fair season.

The Ohio State Fair will return in 2021, after being canceled entirely in 2020. But with pandemic restrictions and other concerns still lingering, it will be limited to mainly livestock competitions and sales, and some youth non-livestock project judging.

The dates for Ohio's 2021 fair season have been confirmed. Find them all here.

Fair boards can plan on having full fairs in Ohio this year, said Gov. Mike DeWine in a March 11 press conference.  “Based upon what we are seeing now, our anticipation is that we will be able to have full county fairs … this year,” DeWine said.

Ohio 4-H extension educators see two trends with 4-H’ers this year. Some are taking a year off or otherwise stepping back from the program, largely due to concerns about the pandemic. Others are doubling down, despite lingering uncertainties. 4-H leaders are continuing to work out details of the 2021 season, as enrollment deadlines approach.

Ohio legislators and organizations are urging Gov. Mike DeWine to take action on fairs for the 2021, before it’s too late for them to plan.