Reader: Science shows humans cause climate change

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Dear Editor:

The article “You can only postpone reality for so long,” by Alan Guebert, on Jan. 6 that concluded humans are causing climate change was well informed and excellent. The article “Reader: Consider all theories on climate change,” by Marge Conner, was not. 

The Conner article claims one-third of the U.S. population “questions the conclusion” that humans are causing climate change. However, “human-made climate change” is fact. If anyone doubts this, they probably read propaganda from the fossil fuel industry. 

This industry has found people who are “so gullible that they believe whatever they are told,” to use Conner’s disparaging words against those who understand climate change. Alan Guebert and those who understand climate change are not “gullible.” Science proves humans burning fossil fuels, cutting trees and practicing carbon releasing agriculture are the main cause of climate change. 

Critics of the book “Unsettled,” recommended by Conner, find the author was “cherry-picking data, muddying the waters surrounding the science of climate change, and having no experience in climate science.” There are many reliable sources. Among the best are NASA, NOAA, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and any reputable college. 

Check out the Ohio State University Fact Sheets. Get information from science-based sources. Controlling carbon emissions through legislation, renewable energy and electrification technologies like solar, wind, heat pumps and electric cars will help reduce the worst that climate change has to offer. 

The sooner we use these technologies, the more likely it will be we will avoid tipping points that will make it impossible for future generations to stop the ongoing sixth great extinction. Criticism that wind turbines kill birds ignores that far more birds are killed by cats and windows. The Audubon Society notes one-third of our bird population has disappeared because of fossil fuel caused climate change. 

The Conner article asserts “discussion that considers all theories and possible solutions is needed, not just those opinions that are popular or touted by mainstream media.” The author must not have read studies showing climate change discussion has been open for decades and that all relevant theories have been evaluated. 

Science did not settle on the main cause being carbon emissions because it was “popular.” Science shows humans are the main cause using peer-reviewed scientific studies. The “mainstream media” should report more on this conclusion and that climate change can be reduced with existing technology. The problem is not a lack of technology; it is a lack of willpower. 

The fossil fuel industry is spending millions to cause confusion and discourage willpower in favor of short-term personal wealth for a few. At the end of Guebert’s article he states, “Then, as every farmer and rancher knows, reality bites. So what’s the cost of that bite? There’s no way to calculate it, offers Suppan in a telephone interview. But he adds quickly, ‘It’s a lot less than the cost of doing nothing.'” 

Doing nothing will be disastrous for generations to come. 

Richard Coin
Chardon, Ohio


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