Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Linking across eight states and stretching 4,800 miles, the North Country National Scenic Trail is the longest in the National Trails System.

The 2022 survey of acorn abundance on selected Ohio wildlife areas shows an average of 39% of white oaks and 37% of red oaks bore fruit.

Julie Geiss recalls all the challenges of a days-long family bike trip, amused that her children recall the same trip and only remember the adventure.

The wildflowers and plants on Julie Geiss' daily walk are telling her that it is time to embrace fall and all the changes it brings.

Eliza Blue realizes that perfection is waiting in the quiet of tall rustling grass, the last morning star, the golden faces of late summer flowers.

The wild Ohio pear is a common orchard pear that has escaped cultivation and taken root in the wild. Learn where to find them and when to pick them.

Julie Giess and her children visit Hellbender Bluff — a hidden gem consisting of 732 acres in Columbiana County.

Over 700 acres of wetland marshes, meadows and woodlands comprise Quail Hollow Park. There is also a 40-room historic manor located within the park.

There are many things Julie Geiss loves about the long, rural road she lives on, but the garbage that collects and is revealed in spring is not one of them.

The warmer weather has Julie Geiss excited to get outdoors to split rhubarb, plant seeds and go morel hunting.