Sunday, July 25, 2021
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Ohio hunters harvested 14,442 wild turkeys through May 23, during the spring wild turkey hunting season. Check out the full county-by-county results.

Ohio's wild turkey hunters have harvested 13,361 birds through May 16.

Ohio's youth wild turkey hunting season ended April 18 with 1,473 birds harvested by young hunters. Find the full county-by-county results here.

Julie Geiss recaps her sons' successful 2021 turkey hunting season.

Barb Mudrak traces the history of turkeys in the Ohio Valley back to 6000 BC. Learn how they came to inhabit the area, evolved over time and survive today.

Anyone who has ever tried to look at a wild turkey knows they have incredible eyesight. One moment you're looking at one; then you blink, and it's gone.

Hunters checked 19,088 wild turkeys during the 2019 combined spring turkey hunting seasons. Check out this list for county by county results.

Ohio hunters in the south zone harvested 2,965 wild turkeys on the first day of the 2019 season. Get the full county-by-county results.

Turkey hunters, if you haven't already claimed your first bird of the spring hunting season, Mike Tontimonia has some tips for you.

With spring turkey season just weeks away, get ready with this list of pre-season tips offered by writer and turkey guy Jay Anglin.