Sunday, May 22, 2022
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There isn’t one clear-cut answer to preventing damage to trees and shrubs during the winter; however, there are things you can do to minimize it.

The first day of winter is defined by the year's shortest day and longest night. The good news is that days get just a bit longer each day thereafter.

Pioneers did not have many of the conveniences we enjoy today, starting with sleeping arrangements and living conditions inside cramped cabins.

Learn how to help promote ways to reduce the amount of pollution from vehicles and road maintenance activities during the winter months.

Extreme winter weather can stress your livestock and damage your pastures. Learn more about the best farm management practices to combat the cold.

Insects avoid winter extremes in the same ways that vertebrates do, but they do it from a variety of life history stages, not just as adults.

It is vital to provide wildlife with suitable habitat for year-round use and not just for hunting seasons.

Learn how to maximize your deicing capabilities by choosing the most effective and environmentally friendly product.

Climate change scientists believe ice events will increase in frequency, which concerns researchers studying the long-term impact of ice storms on forests.

Learn more about being prepared for winter weather and what to include in an emergency kit for your car.