Friday, February 23, 2024
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Geauga County residents can now register for the Snowshoe Program Call List to receive texts for spontaneous naturalist-led snowshoe adventures.

Eliza Blue reflects on the changing of the seasons in a new home.

Eliza Blue rejoices as the harshness of prairie winter begins to thaw for a moment of temporary respite.

As we find ourselves in the middle of snowy season, Kymberly Seabolt explains that farm folk are built differently. Non-farmers don't always get it.

Eliza Blue and her family are waiting out another cold snap in South Dakota.

There are plenty of tools — both based in science and based on folklore and human observation — to predict winter weather. Find out what actually works.

The longest night of the year. The shortest day of the year. The first day of winter. Any way you want to look at it, the winter solstice is here.

Bryce Angell recalls a January storm that left him snowed in.

Eliza Blue ponders letting go of things you can't control and how to appreciate the inevitable cold of winter.

Bryce Angell takes readers back to a story Grandma Angell told him many years ago about the winter of 1931.