Sunday, October 23, 2016

It was Larry, not Jimmy, Page that was mobbed when he left the stage in San Francisco earlier this year.

There is a common misconception among amateur parents and people who have never raised children (but curiously always seem to know an awful lot about how other people should raise theirs) that boys and girls behave differently due only to parental programming and societal propaganda.

It's tough to eat right in the average American home these days. Although most of us know we should balance meals consuming more from the fruit and vegetable groups than all the rest combined, it's a tough task to accomplish.

Benefits for farm employees vary tremendously from farm to farm and frequently take the place of some wages that might normally be paid to employees in a nonfarm position.

One day last week, the noise caught my attention. I pulled on my jacket to ward off the chilly wind and walked toward the barn bank.

In the science of agronomy, no more sacred ground exists than that of the Morrow Plots, a hemmed-in acre in the middle of the University of Illinois campus that, since 1876, has been under continuous corn production.

I visited my daughter Josie at an off-campus apartment she shares in Kent. I packed several things they could use and while I gathered her mail and a book she requested from home, I threw in a couple of plastic shopping bags full of slightly used Halloween decorations that Kathie brought home from her school's blood drive for the Red Cross.

Ohio State University might have beaten Penn State in football, but the state of Pennsylvania runs circles around Ohio in its commitment to support and grow its dairy industry.

One day last week, a woman told me the story of her parents. As her father's arthritis began to worsen, her mother began helping him dress each morning.

From Washington D.C., the telegram is addressed to Mr. Harry Thompson, St. Clair Avenue, East Liverpool, Ohio.
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