Wednesday, July 27, 2016
triplet beef calves

Beef cow gives birth to surviving triplet calves.
Grain Bin rescue

With the help of the Trent Insurance Group, a Nationwide Insurance affiliate, the Wayne County Farm Bureau was able to give four local fire departments grain bin rescue tubes.
American flag and saluting soldier

Let us all thank God that He has blessed the America that we have, and always remember those courageous men and women who sacrificed their lives to secure it, for us and future generations.
dollar bills and coins in soil

Each year millions of dollars are made available to fund farm projects. Grants help farmers, rural businesses and other agriculture advocates develop and strengthen the food system.
Japanese knotweed

Japanese knotweed is one of Ohio’s top 10 invasive species. Learn more about what it looks like and what to do with it.
Butler Farm Show grand champion chickens 2014

With the risk of bird flu diminishing, Pennsylvania has lifted its ban on live poultry shows and exhibits in time for the upcoming county fair season.
Field Notes collage for May 26, 2016video

This week's biggest stories center around planting progress during wet spring weather as well as two CAUV bills on hold in Ohio's state legislature.
calculator and finances

Understanding how much money is coming in and going out and where it is going to or coming from is an important record keeping practice on your farm.
Ohio Statehouse

Time is running out if lawmakers are going to act on CAUV this legislative session.
strawberries in cartons

Strawberries can be grown in all kinds of containers. Here are directions for planting them in strawberry jars.
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