Monday, April 24, 2017
students on bales

Employers are telling ag colleges: ‘We like what we see, we need more; we can’t have enough of your graduates.’
FSR precision planter

With new data and modern technology, seed companies can now prescribe the best seeds directly to your farm.
Bowman - Our Farm Roots

Sandy Beaver Farms has been operated by five generations of the Bowman family. The Lisbon farm was recognized by the Ohio Department of Agriculture as a bicentennial farm in 2013.

Farmers can expect at least one more price fall before the fall harvest is complete.
Farm Science Review

Follow Farm and Dairy's staff at this year's Farm Science Review, as they crisscross all 80+ acres of ag exhibits, talk with some of the 130,000+ visitors, and watch the field demonstrations.

Horizontal wells produced more gas in three months than all Ohio wells produced in 2012.
FSR 2014 ag econ

The 2014 Farm Science Review is underway, with new terms and technologies on display.
FSR Hall of Fame inductees 2014

The 25th class of honorees will be inducted into the Farm Science Review Hall of Fame during the Vice President’s Luncheon Sept. 16, the first day of the annual three-day farm show.
Well post

Penn State is offering a web-based app to look at data across Pennsylvania.

The cool, crisp days of autumn have arrived.
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