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Summertime = family cookouts.

What do you say to your sister-in-law’s brother’s obnoxious new girlfriend when she asks if your cookout is going to be ‘just burgers’?

You un-invite her.

Just kidding (sort of). You tell her that it will be delicious and a great time, and then smile and say, “See you there!” Then you turn your back and stick your tongue out at her.

Again, just kidding (sort of).

Game on

This has to be the cook out to end all cook outs. You have to knock this out of the park. What are you going to serve with your burgers? Potato Salad? A watermelon?  Oh, come on, people! We can do better than that!

This isn’t about reinventing the wheel, here. It’s all about thinking outside the box.

baked beans

Instead of cracking open a can of baked beans, try making these ones. This recipe can be modified for the slow cooker. Stack the ingredients into the pot and add liquid; just don’t add any liquid later in the day. Cook on low setting for the day until ready to serve.

Instead of a cooler full of sodas and water, make something that will get your guests talking, like this lime punch recipe.

Lime Punch

3 1/2 to 4 cups pineapple-grapefruit drink cut lime
2/3 cup lemon juice
2 quarts cold water
3 packages lemon-lime Kool-Aid mix
2 cups sugar
2 pints lime sherbet
4 7-oz. bottles lemon-lime pop

Prepare first five ingredients in a large container ahead of serving time and chill. Just before serving, add the pop and spoon sherbet on top in punch bowl. Makes 30-35 servings.

Both of these wonderful recipes came out of our Farm and Dairy – 100 Years of Published Recipes Cookbook. And there’s plenty more where those came from!  Perfect additions to your burgers can include: Baked Sweet-Potato Chips, Sauerkraut Balls, Spicy Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Cucumber Salad, Desert Gold Salad, Grilled Shrimp Salad, Memphis-Style Coleslaw, Tomato-Cucumber Mozzarella Salad, Kentucky Potatoes…

You know you want one of these keepsake cookbooks. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

You are now armed to knock your guest’s socks off this summer. You’re welcome.

Go Make Something Awesome,

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