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tomatoes and basil

Companion planting is a technique gardeners use to reduce maintenance and deter pests. Learn which garden plants make ideal companions for common herbs.

Morels are the most well-known goal of spring foraging, but ramps and fiddlehead ferns offer a wonderful and sometimes new foraging opportunity.
woman stands beside chestnut milling machine at Rural Action

As a speciality crop, chestnuts are enjoying a popularity that hasn’t been seen in about 100 years and growing them is fairly straightforward. Amy Miller of Route 9 which is part of Rural Action, a membership-based nonprofit organization based in Appalachian Ohio, says, "Chestnut trees can grow on irregular, uneven slopes with acidic soil or well-drained sandy soil, which is pretty typical of the Appalachian region of the U.S."
morel mushroom

Learn how to tell the difference between morel mushrooms and several types of mushrooms with wrinkled caps that may appear in the woods during the spring.
raised bed garden

The key to building a cost-effective raised bed garden is figuring out how much space you need in advance and maximizing the use of that space.

Kym Seabolt's empty(ish) nest is definitely feathered with takeout boxes and cookie crumbs. 
avocado tree sprout

Growing a tree from an avocado pit is a relatively simple process with a few nuances. Learn how to give your avocado pit its best chance for success.
Marcia and Mae Ruff stand in front of grain containers, Feb. 11. The containers were built in partnership with Farmers Business Network.

It bothers Marcia Ruff when a woman says she’s just a farm wife, because she believes there are many opportunities for women in agriculture.
Classes on how to grow garlic are offered by Lady Buggs Pharm.

Lady Buggs Pharm honors ancestral ties to her urban garden which grows traditional fruits and vegetables as well as medicinal plants.
agaricus bisporus

Beware of the dangers of foraging from or near contaminated locations and learn how to look for signs of pollution before foraging.

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