Thursday, December 5, 2019
table with baking ingredients

This week we're reading about stain removal tactics, a rent-a-grandma for the kitchen program and more.
glass of milk

Adding vanilla to sweetened milk makes consumers think the beverage is sweeter, allowing the amount of added sugar to be reduced.

Since corned beef is pink, how do you know if it’s fully cooked? And why is it pink anyway?
produce at farmers market

Support local farmers and food processors, your community, and Ohio's livelihood by purchasing local or Ohio products.
steak with Ask Jen text

It's May, so fire up the grill! Try these recipes for garlic-thyme, BBQ and chili-cilantro marinades and check out these marinading tips.

June is National Dairy Month, so what better time to read about how dairy can still be consumed by those who have lactose intolerance?
hotdog fries and lollipop

If there were a magic calorie-smashing wand, I would have bought like a dozen of them by now. Since there isn't, we're going to have to rely on something else this fair season: our own willpower.
silverwear Ask Jen

So, New Year’s is here. Do you have your pork and kraut at midnight or do you make it for dinner on January first?
local food guide

The Ashtabula County Local Foods Guide has been updated to showcase food and products grown and produced in Ashtabula County.
chopped zucchini

A season’s worth of zucchini goes a long way, so consider freezing some of it to use later.

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