Saturday, April 4, 2020
Ask Jen about zucchini

What do you do with all of those extra zukes? You pick all that are ready, load them in your kids' wagon, and get going.
burger and fries

How do you go about choosing the perfect sides for your meal? Jen counts down the five elements she looks for when choosing sides.
donuts with Ask Jen text

Let’s start the new year right — why not kick the sugar habit?
beef cuts

When you look around the beef section of the grocery store, you might be overwhelmed at the sight of so many different cuts.
bunch of herbs

If you haven’t used many herbs in your cooking before, here’s a guide to pairing herbs with your food.
black walnut

Keep your eye out for these five native Ohio nuts this fall while you’re out foraging.

After retirement, Richland County woman launched a new business to grow her own food and improve her family’s health.
flour, eggs, milk and sugar

21 common ingredient substitutions, from allspice to tomato soup.
vegetables on cutting board

Want to learn some basic kitchen knife skills? From properly holding your knife to long-lasting knife care, we’ve got you covered.

Before the leaves begin to change, let’s take some time to enjoy all the fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that are in season and readily available.

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