Sunday, August 18, 2019
glass of milk

Adding vanilla to sweetened milk makes consumers think the beverage is sweeter, allowing the amount of added sugar to be reduced.

Jen has never met a cookie she didn't adore. Find out what she likes to give her nieces and nephews when they stop by around Christmas.
Melissa Herrera

"Christmas traditions are nearly unbreakable, like a cord that stretches from heart to heart," says Missy Herrera, this week's Dinner Guest. She shares a special family recipe, too.

The phytonutrients in coffee can boost immune function, reduce inflammation and lower rates of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, gallstones and some cancers.
table with baking ingredients

This week we're reading about an update on a lab-grown beef burger, restaurants that rip off farm names, weird ice cream flavors and more.
picking blueberries

Do you pick your own berries? I do… well, I used to before life got crazy busy. I miss it.
candied bacon

Want a unique appetizer for that Super Bowl party you’re invited to? Candied bacon is the answer.

Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in the antioxidant lutein, which has been claimed to help reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration.
vegetables on cutting board

Want to learn some basic kitchen knife skills? From properly holding your knife to long-lasting knife care, we’ve got you covered.
Ask Jen text with spoonful of yogurt graphic

This has nothing to do with cooking. There is no bonus recipe this week, just a peek into my family Christmas, and how my brother would have given anything had someone been recording this moment in time…here goes.

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