Friday, December 9, 2022
gingerbread house

Learn how to plan, bake, construct and decorate a simple gingerbread house from scratch.
table with baking ingredients

This week we're reading about the history of a well-known Willy Wonka candy, the state of school lunches, a doctor who prescribes food before pills and more.
pickled cucumbers

In a recent study, scientists identified, for the first time in fermented cucumbers, four peptides known to have anti-hypertensive properties.

While owning a backyard flock can be a rewarding experience, owners should be aware of safe handling practices to decrease Salmonella exposure.

The complicated assembly of a turducken leaves a lot of room for error. Learn how to safely store, handle and cook a turducken for Thanksgiving.

Next time you reach for the sugary goodies your coworker brought into the break room, be aware that it may be causing an increase in the calories you eat.

Congratulations to our Week Three Reader's Kitchen Winner, Lynne Almasy! Learn a little about our winner and get her featured recipes!
donuts with Ask Jen text

Let’s start the new year right — why not kick the sugar habit?

For Dave Lemke and his wife, raising fish and selling them through their retail store in Wooster, Ohio, has been a good combination. The entrepreneur is hoping to expand production with new tanks.

There are a lot of strategies and considerations for keeping squirrels off of fruit trees. Learn more about what works and what doesn't.

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