Sunday, October 25, 2020
nuts up close with text 'here's the scoop on toasting nuts'

Toasting nuts at home is easy. You can toast them in the microwave, oven or on the stove.
venison steak

It’s important that any venison derived from hunting be handled safely to avoid the spread of foodborne pathogens, which could cause foodborne illnesses.

Learn how to find, identify and harvest black raspberries, black dewberries and blackberries throughout the summer.

Even though the nutritional properties of milk and dairy products has been realized for centuries, specific attributes are still being discovered.

22 students from the New Frontier Academy are getting lessons in marketing and hard work this summer.
clothespin cookies on plate

Call them clothespins, lady locks or cream horns, but nothing beats the light, fluffy pastry dough filled with sweet icing.
college students and technology

Even with technology, this next generation is borderline clueless of what it takes to produce food, and even more clueless at what it takes to feed 7+ billion people on a daily basis.
asparagus, tomatos and steak

Dining with Diabetes: Beyond the Kitchen teaches how to make healthy food choices when eating at restaurants, going grocery shopping or planning meals.
homemade noodles with text

These noodles are simple enough to make by hand, no pasta machine required.

It's disappointing so many Easter egg safety articles suggest making separate batches to eat and hide. There are safe ways to eat the eggs you hide.

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