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Around the Table

Around the Table

sunflower seeds

Learn when and how to harvest sunflower seeds for optimum yield and taste, and how to roast plain or salted seeds once they've been harvested.

Learn more about processing and preparing venison to maximize its quality, get rid of undesirable flavors, reduce gamey taste and ensure it is safe to eat.

Picking tomatoes at color break can improve their appearance and quality, lengthen their shelf life and increase your harvest.

Some gardeners rototill their plots every year out of habit or tradition, but should you?
hydrangea, zinnia, foxgloves collage

When you’re shopping for seeds, you’ll notice that packets are labeled with perennial, annual or biennial. Here’s a reference guide for telling the difference.

Dandelions are nutritionally valuable, support digestion and absorption of minerals and help the lymphatic system and urinary tract function.
jar of flour

If you’re not familiar with the metric system, making European confections can be confusing. These charts will help you measure out your ingredients correctly.
watered garden

Not every plant in your vegetable garden likes to be watered the same. Learn the water requirements and preferences of each variety to improve your yields.

How many seeds should you plant in your garden this year? That depends on the size of the harvest you want or need.

There are a lot of strategies and considerations for keeping squirrels off of fruit trees. Learn more about what works and what doesn't.

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