Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Spreading manure

Laboratory analysis provides the best means of determining manure's true value. Local Ohio State University extension offices can help you find a lab.
cow grazing

Learn how to develop a team-oriented grazing plan to manage your pastures better.

Compaction can ultimately lead to increased drought and disease susceptibility of plants, even when it appears there is standing water in a field. 
tick up close

Marcus McCartney hopes his firsthand description of symptoms caused by Lyme disease may help readers who have been suffering from an unknown illness.
Crimson clover & annual ryegrass cover crop allen dean farms

Ryegrass staggers is usually reported in Australia and New Zealand, but Ohio is near or at the top of cited cases within the United States. Find out why.
ohio farm

Has 2021 been a great year for farmers? Some parts, yes, and others, no, Sandy Smith explains in this week's All About Grazing Column.
cattle and bales of hay on pasture

Learn more about the cost-effectiveness of raising hay by deciding whether to skip fertilizer, use an alternative, buy fertilizer or not raise hay at all.
beef cows on a hilltop

In this week's All About Grazing column, Dan Lima reminds us of some farm management considerations we should examine before the end of 2021.
Dairy calf

Consider the quality of available feed during your calving season. Aligning breeding season with times when better feed is available could save you money.
horses in winter

Feeding hay is expensive — if you waste it, you lose money. Consider these tips to minimize waste during feeding.