Monday, May 16, 2022
monarch on New England aster

Taking a few minutes each day to appreciate the little things that blend into the canvas of the day may be just what we need. 
Vollborn Cattle

Do you have enough pasture and stored feed to make it through the winter? Learn how to best use what you have. 

Pasture condition scoring is a systematic way to check how well a pasture is managed and performing.
Japanese clover

Japanese clover is a persistent perennial, woody weed that will compete with your grass for nutrients, whether it be in your yard or in your pasture.
Corn snow

Using corn fodder residue for livestock to graze meets their nutritional needs and can provide an inexpensive feed source for 65-111 days into the winter. 
alfalfa field

Ohio State Extension has reviewed its guidelines for growing alfalfa amid reports of fall armyworm infestations. Clif Martin shares some updates.

Now is a good time to consider management strategies for the remainder of the year that will ensure healthy and productive forage crops in 2022.
cattle in pasture

Before spraying, it may be helpful do some investigation into what contributed to weed establishment and consider your pasture management techniques.
Fall armyworms

With the recent armyworm invasion, now is a good time to review some basic integrated pest management strategies.
poison hemlock flower

Weeds can get a strong foothold in the fall. Learn how to manage poison hemlock, spotted knapweed, common ragweed and chicory in your pastures.