Monday, July 4, 2022
Judith Sutherland

Judith Sutherland

flowers and sun

After many cool, gray days of rain, which has dared at times to be mixed with late spring snow, there is a thrill in waking up to sunshine.

The Cowboy Way, Alabama, has provided Judith Sutherland with an enjoyable escape from snow and ice.

As Judith Sutherland lays her dog Reo to rest, her husband welcomes home a secondhand flock of sheep.
Little girl

Judith Sutherland recalls a close call from her childhood and reminds us that safety should always be a top priority with children on the farm.
tick up close

This past summer and well into the fall, with all the factors right for an enormous proliferation of ticks, has found us sharing knowledge gleaned over many years whether we wanted it or not.

One of my favorite things to do is to chat with a member of our oldest generation about the chores they had to complete...
Duma trucks and flags

"Neither to serve nor to rule" was the motto that built our country and created steely individuals filled with deep determination, pride and integrity.
English Shepherd, Billy

Judith Sutherland focuses on keeping the faith as she tirelessly searches for her lost English Shepherd male, Billy.

Part of the problem that has doomed the English Shepherd to rare breed status is the lack of name recognition.
hands in a corn field

Children serve as a reminder of years — and time in general — rolling by faster than we otherwise would realize.