Thursday, April 2, 2020

Earlier this week I attended the New River Birding and Nature Festival in southern West Virginia as a speaker and guide.

I had cookies for dinner last night. Who over the age of 4 does that?

This spring season has given us a lot to enjoy.

How we communicate, think and learn are all much different than how it used to be.

Part five: Things got even worse, before they got better.

Men move animals in an almost casual manner, all with good intentions, but most without thought to what problems might be forthcoming.

Warm, dry weather helped some farmers begin planting, but prices are still low.

I don’t eat at Chipotle because of its anti-GMO marketing ploy, but I’d love to sit around the table with people who do. Food tends to be a uniting force.
essential oils

Essential oils contain all the organic compounds, elements and constituents from the plant which they are derived. Their powerful properties have been used in natural health and healing for centuries.

Confession time: Over the last three years I often have referred to the 113th and 114th Congress as either “do nothing” or “doing less than nothing.”