Tuesday, August 4, 2020
LGDs and lamb

Winter and spring are unpredictable these days. With predators pushing in and lambing season starting early, the livestock guardian dogs are on their toes.
farei kennels fitz

Tarma Shena reflects on winter, when it's too cold to do property maintenance or improvement and not late enough to prep for spring. It is, however, a good time to reflect, evaluate, train and improve.
bridger lgd

Bridger is in charge of our unruly, free-ranging, tree-sleeping poultry, the house, yard and us. Although she has filled many positions on this farm, part of having an intelligent dog is respecting that intelligence, and Bridger has had a hand in selecting her duties.
livestock guardian dog with sheep

Tarma Shena is an accountant, homesteader, certified dog trainer, behaviorist and livestock guardian dog breeder. In many ways though, a lifetime of working with animals and farming off-the-grid has influenced her LGD training approach.