Sunday, September 24, 2023
livestock guardian dog and livestock

Does thinking differently, having different priorities, or different solutions make a species more or less intelligent than humans? Why do we care so much?
livestock guardian dog with sheep

Tarma Shena takes a look at how the dogs she breeds now are better — and not better — than the ones she bred years ago.
livestock guardian dogs and cows

Tarma Shena's addition of a dairy cow herd ushers in a new calling for one of her young livestock guardian dogs.
livestock guardian dog

Does the term "preservation breeding" work for livestock guardian dog breeding? Tarma Shena takes a closer look.
livestock guardian dog

Tarma Shena discusses why a solid, healthy livestock guardian dog pack is important, especially when adding an outside dog.

Each livestock guardian dog processes information differently and that is never more apparent than when Tarma Shena adds a new type of livestock.
ewes and lambs

Training young livestock guardian dogs during lambing can be time consuming, but Tarma Shena shares why it is an important job for the shepherd.
Maine forest

Instituting change is hard. It’s even more difficult when that change is ourselves. We created this and the change required to improve must start with us.
livestock guardian dogs and sheep

Unwanted behaviors in livestock guardian dogs "didn't start yesterday," Tarma Shena says. To solve them, you need to pay attention.
livestock guardian dogs

Training is about the human, not the animal. Humans like things to be easy, and we’ll let a situation or behavior slide, because it’s working.