Tuesday, May 17, 2022
The Dirt on Conservation

The Dirt on Conservation

monarch butterfly on milkweed

Rain gardens are a cost-effective best management practice and a beautiful addition to landscaping that reduces runoff from or flooding in your yard.
Appalachian Trail

Spend more time outside, enjoying nature's beauty this year.
water drop

In unlucky parts of the world, clean drinking water is scarce or limited. Although many Americans don't face that issue, we need to conserve water.
wooly bear

Can woolly bears predict a bad winter? Do cows lie down before rain? Does a large spider web mean cold weather? Find out if the folklores are true.
soil and seedling in hand

Dirt or soil is one of the most profound, complex, diverse and arguably important things on earth. Soil is the DNA of life. 

Trapping of furbearers is important for conservation and a host of other reasons. However, the average age of trappers in North America is 50 years old.
Riparian zone near a stream

Learn how to keep clean water out of contaminated areas and convey this water back to streams and ditches to be carried downstream, all while staying clean. 

A troop of fifth-grade Girl Scouts in Ohio found a way to help endangered gorillas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by recycling old electronics.

Common buckthorn and glossy buckthorn are invasive plants that are problematic not only from a forestry/wildlife perspective but also agriculturally.
angus beef cattle

Learn more about raising grass-finished beef and what contributes to the overall quality of the meat.