Sunday, December 15, 2019
The Dirt on Conservation

The Dirt on Conservation


Learn more about what fish species to stock your pond with and how to maintain the population thereafter.

In my last article -- Kids Caring about Conservation -- I eluded to the fact that a large percentage of today's youth do not...

Conservation districts are where the why and how of conservation come together. The mission of the Guernsey Soil and Water Conservation District is to promote the sustainable use of natural resources.
Fencing livestock out of streams

Rather than working against the nature of the stream, we can work with it. Options abound for ways to repair or protect the stream.

Could you use some extra money? There are few of us that can say no to that question. Landowners often consider selling minerals, timber,...
A man hiking.

People in the cities and the country are getting outside. And maybe the whole goal is a cool social media post, but they are out there.

As fall is fast approaching many soil and water districts are planning their annual meetings. This means they are looking for qualified candidates to...

What is girdling? When I first heard the term a long time ago, I thought it had to do with woman's clothing apparel. Of...

Local leaders are key to the success of the Soil and Water Conservation District.

Thermal stratification is a change in water temperature at different depths in a pond. And it's the reason sometimes you get fish kills in lakes or farm ponds.