Tuesday, May 17, 2022
The Dirt on Conservation

The Dirt on Conservation


Learn more about what fish species to stock your pond with and how to maintain the population thereafter.
Hay field

Determine when it is the right time to re-seed your hayfield based on your soil conditions and how you choose to manage your fields.

Many ponds are more than 50 years old. Depending on their drainage area, they can accumulate debris, leaves, sediment, yard waste, decaying pond plants,...

If you don't want a lot of weeding or maintenance to grow a successful vegetable garden, maybe you should spread a layer of old hay over the entire garden.

Become a better steward of the land in 2015 (even if you don't own any land).

Have you ever used a no-till drill on your farm? Have you thought about it, but decided the traditional method of plowing and planting...

You may not know this but Ohio does have a frog season. It's open from 6 p.m. June 8-April 30, 2019. Only bullfrogs and green frogs may be taken.

Biodiversity could provide a framework for farm plans and agricultural conservation. The more diversity an ecosystem retains, the more adaptive it is.

Landowners in Ohio are experiencing site development problems associated with building on mine land. These problems can lead to expensive repairs or demolition of...
Rural stream

It is important that you understand the documentation and permissions that need to be in place before beginning any project that might impact water quality.