Thursday, September 19, 2019
Lawn mower

Follow this spring lawn mower maintenance checklist to get your mower in working order before the grass gets too long.

Tomatoes can be damaged by excessive heat, resulting in reduced fruit flavor, color and texture. Learn how to protect your tomatoes during hot weather.
Rhubarb flower

Rhubarb may bolt for a variety — and likely a combination — of several factors. Learn what causes the plant to flower and how to prevent it.

The key to grub management is to coordinate your attack with the stage the pest is at in its lifecycle. Learn which control methods to use at each stage.
bumble bee

If beekeeping isn't your thing, but you'd still like to help bee populations, learn how to enhance your yard or farm to attract wild bees.
slug damage

Garden crops have a lot of enemies, but few are as nonselective and destructive as slugs. Learn how to control the damage they cause in your garden.
bark mulch

Learn how to choose the right mulch and how to apply it around landscape trees for optimum growth.

Ohio is home to four species of tree squirrels. Use this guide to keep these squirrels away from your house and prevent potential damage.
Bull Country compost

Composting is the easiest way to do your part to help save your world. Try these basics to start composting on your own.
blue gill

Learn more about the spawning seasons and preferred water temperatures and spawn locations of popular species of fish found in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
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