Thursday, January 21, 2021

With fall and winter knocking, chimney maintenance is a priority before firing up your wood burner. Learn how to properly clean and inspect your chimney.
persimmons in tree

Learn how to find and identify American persimmon trees, when to harvest their fruit and how to enjoy your bounty.
American ginseng

Ohio’s ginseng harvest season opened Sept. 1. Learn more about the state’s regulations, as well as, how to find, harvest and dry American ginseng.
sunflower tops

Saving seed can give you access to your favorite heirloom varieties and ensure success next season. Learn how to harvest and store seed from your garden.
Plantain herb

Learn to gather and use plantain to treat common ailments like bronchitis, burns, rashes, insect bites/stings, ulcers, urinary tract infection and wounds.
swallowtail butterfly

Learn how to identify butterflies, when and where to look for them and how to attract them to your yard to get started butterfly watching.

Learn what you can grow as microgreens and how to start growing your own microgreens at home in nine simple steps.
Fluorescent bulb glowing under power lines

Learn how to use the induced alternating magnetic field around high-voltage transmission power lines to make a fluorescent tube bulb glow.
black walnut

Learn where to look for walnut trees and how to gather their fruits to get them before the squirrels do.

Learn how to reduce food waste in your home to curb food insecurity during the pandemic by getting creative with the food in your fridge and freezer.