Monday, June 27, 2022

Nature gives us many clues to signal it’s officially spring. Find out what wildlife, plants and fungi to look for as you enjoy the outdoors this spring.

If started indoors during March, ginger can be successfully propagated, transplanted and grown in the Midwest to harvest in the fall.
cattle in pasture

The cost to fertilize pastures will be much greater this year. Learn how to prioritize soil amendments and minimize the money you spend on your pastures.

Assessing tree damage is important to prevent more damage, improve long-term tree health and ensure safety. Learn how to evaluate the damage to your trees.
Vayda with antlers

February to March is an ideal time to look for deer antler sheds. Learn more about deer habits during winter to improve your odds of finding antler sheds.

Before you purchase a house plant, you’ll need to weigh your lifestyle and accommodations against and the needs of different plant species to be successful.
water bottle terrariums

The process for modifying a plastic water bottle to set up a closed terrarium is simple and can be done with minimal supplies.

Learn how to garden or landscape to support future generations and how to make your garden hardier and better prepared to survive climate change.
ice fishing

Even if you’ve checked the ice to ensure a safe ice fishing trip, it’s important to be prepared, bring safety equipment and know what to do in an emergency.
ice fishing guide

Learn how to determine whether ice is safe enough to go ice fishing based on appearance, thickness and other factors that can affect freezing and thawing.