Friday, March 31, 2023
container-grown tree

There are a couple overwintering options for container-grown trees that protect their root systems without bringing them out of a dormant state.
Eastern White Pine

Learn how to grow your own native Christmas tree to plant at the end of the season to benefit wildlife and improve the ecosystem in your backyard.
Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park

The rock formations at Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park make up one of the only exposed outcrops in northern Ohio. Learn how to safely hike there in winter.

Warmer winters mean more interactions between humans and ticks. Understanding risk and reducing exposure are key to avoiding tickborne diseases.
virginia pine

Native trees benefit wildlife. Learn which species are native to your region of the U.S. before buying a potted or balled and burlapped Christmas tree.

Brining a turkey for requires planning, refrigerator space and a short list of ingredients. Learn how to choose the brining method that’s right for you.

Doing a little research beforehand can help ensure you purchase the right amount of turkey and choose the highest quality bird for Thanksgiving.

Hundreds of species of native ladybugs are declining due to the introduction of Asian lady beetles in North America. Learn how to spot the differences.

Instead of tossing those leaves — and with them a myriad of beneficial nutrients and minerals — make leaf mold to benefit your yard and garden.
squirrel eating pumpkin

Your decorative pumpkins can be given a second life that benefits wildlife and the environment. Learn how to reuse your pumpkins.