Friday, March 5, 2021
Progress Edition Profile

Progress Edition Profile

This progressive dairy in northwestern Ohio keeps growing, and so does its employee base.

Simmons Grain Co. is committed to servicing the needs of area farmers as shown by their investment in new bin space and grain handling equipment.

ROOTSTOWN, Ohio -- Because equipment and farm needs change, the two locations of Miner's Tractor Sales Inc. have witnessed makeovers since they were purchased...

ROOTSTOWN, Ohio -- Miner's Tractor Sales, Inc. was formerly known as Bishop Tractor, located at 6941 Tallmadge Road in Edinburg Township, Rootstown, Ohio. Al...

A Summitville family is taking what others would discard and burn and turning it into a profit.

At Spruce Row Farm, each cow has her place, and a name.
Krikke Porkvideo

Huron County family focuses on producing pork in an environmentally responsible way.

SALEM, Ohio -- Armstrong Saddlery and Trailer Sale Inc. retails horse equipment such as saddles and bridles, grooming supplies, horse feed, baled shavings and...

Coshocton County family builds on generations of sheep production experience.

MALVERN, Ohio — Report cards are out and Straight A’s Supply has passed with flying colors. The company, founded in 1991, offers a large selection...