Can you name this spike-like antique tool?


Hello from Hazard!Hazard Item No. 1141 - Front
Richard Bader, of Middletown, New York, said Item No. 1141 is a paper punch that punches two holes at a time. This item was a mystery until now. It was submitted by Joe Kiss, of Marysville, Ohio.


Hazard Item No. 1142
Item No. 1142

Monroe Harbage and Bader also confirmed Item No. 1142 is a tool used by cobblers to stretch an area where there is a bunion to relieve pressure.

Hazard Item No. 1143Several readers knew Item No. 1143 as a pair holds together a headboard and footboard of a bed with the older style framing. Our thanks to Harbage; Joyce Hann; Jim Moffet; Randy Winland, Prospect, Ohio; Helen Hutchison, Evans, W.Va.; and Phil Maasz, of Smithville, Ohio, who all responded.
Bader picked up the item at a sale. Bader has been in the hospital for six weeks, and we wish him well!

Item No. 1144

Norm Spiker, of Columbiana, Ohio, submitted Item No. 1144.
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