Do you know what these fixtures are? Hazard a guess!

Hazard a Guess item no. 1046

Hello from Hazard!

Our newest item comes from Barbara Jocke, of Columbia Station, Ohio, who picked up these two light (?) fixtures at a garage sale a few years back.

“Obviously, someone made the two brackets that are included,” she writes, “but I am not sure where or what the two lamps were affixed to.

“The candle/wick is pressure fed from the springs in the bottom, held on by the cap. There is a patent date of Sept. 10, 1907, on the area around where the wick comes out.”

She adds the fixtures themselves are brass, but someone along the way spray painted the outside gold to match the attachment areas and brackets.

Do you know what these are or how they were used?

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We haven’t heard from anyone on Item No. 1045 for a couple weeks, so we’ll share what Ralph Farnsworth, of New Haven, Vermont, told us when he submitted it.

He was told it was an early wig curler, but adds, “I don’t know how it would do anything.”

So we’ll have to agree on leaving it a mystery item that might be a wig curler. Thanks, Ralph, for sharing the item with us!


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  1. Item no.1046 They look like kerosene lights that were used in caboose’s for conductors to do there paper work. The brackets were secured to the walls and the handles slid down in the slots


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