Get in gear! Hazard your guess on this week’s antique tool

Item No. 1131

Hello from Hazard!

Item No. 1130

Well, we heard loud and clear from you on Item No. 1130: It’s a cast iron grinder, most likely for sausage or meat, although Joyce Hann says she’s seen various attachments that allow different coarseness, (like to crush ice).
Our thanks to the following readers for their responses: James Troxell, Hudson, Ohio; Diane Jones, Auburn Township, Ohio; Travis (no last name given on our website); Cathy Hall; and Joyce Hann.
Slates adds that earlier versions of the grinder were made of wood, but had very similar design with metal teeth arranged in a spiral as the iron teen are on our cast iron model.

Read more about the this item in the Meat cutter patent information.

Item No. 1129

Going back to Item No. 1129, Gary Fritts, Erie, Pennsylvania, also agrees with Lowell Evans’ response that our gizmo was used with old coal stoves.
“I bought a small coal stove at an auction,” Fritts writes, “and the same tool was inside. The long end fits the draft door, the little nub fits in the top to add coal, and the square wrench fits the 9/16 heads on the ash shaker.”
Thanks, Gary!


Metal frame with two parralel bars, 4 gears with chain connecting them are afficted to the front of the frame.
Item No. 1131

Moving on to a new item, Item No. 1131 — Ed Homer, of Transfer, Pennsylvania, picked it up from an old farm. It’s got several wheels and a chain, but also has a handle to carry it. He’d sure like our help solving this tool’s mystery use. Anyone?
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