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Hazard No. 1123
Hazard No. 1123
Item No. 1121

Hello from Hazard!
Two more responses on Item No. 1121, the screw building jack, or railroad jack, we unveiled two weeks ago. Our thanks to Bob Morrow, of Plum, Pa., and Heather Paisley, for taking time to make sure we received a answer to our item.

Item No. 1122

And we received several responses to Item No. 1122 just after we went to publication with this early section. It’s a flush fitting or zerk fitting adapter for a grease gun and used where a normal size grease fitting can not be used. Other readers called it a spring lubricator or greaser, grease needle, and slap grease injector.
George Wimer, of Tidiote, Pennsylvania, gives us a detailed explanation:
“These zerk fittings can be as small as 1/8th inch. A 1/8” hole is drilled and the fitting is then driven into the hole. The regular size grease fitting on the adapter is inserted into the grease gun and then the pointed end, which has a very tiny hole in it, is placed into the zerk fitting. You must hold it tightly against the zerk fitting and pump the grease gun lever. The small taper on the pointed end matches the taper in the hole of the zerk fitting.
“When I was in the U.S. Navy, I was an aircraft mechanic and we had these fittings on the aircraft,” he adds.
We also heard from: Russ Roberts, of Twinsburg, Ohio; Gailey Henderson, of Williamstown, W.Va.; George Patterson, of New Castle, Pa. Phil Grimm and David White, both of Malvern, Ohio; Lynn Bell, Junction City, Ohio; and Tom Collier, Uniontown, Ohio.

This week’s new hazard-ous item, Item No. 1123, comes Bill McChesney, of New Galilee, Pennsylvania, who found them in his haymow, but not together.
The one is a pulley, but he wants to know if it’s made for a specific purpose. And which hook is up and which is down? Were these used together? Inquiring minds want to know.
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