Help me find a new hobby…


For two decades, I had hobbies. I’ve always loved photography, and photographing my kids was my particular joy. At school, sport or just around the house, my paparazzi lens was at the ready.

I am proud to have brought the moments and memories alive for my children and many of their friends and mine. My photos graced graduation boards and memory books throughout the land. We have been blessed.

Speaking of memory books, an obvious offshoot of my love of photography was scrapbooking. The collection of memories bolstered by notes from our daily lives and little mementos along the way warm my heart to this day.

Although our lives are full of exciting fun, it is inevitable that as the children have grown, my opportunities to follow them around and take photographs are dwindling. Leaping out of the bushes on college campuses brandishing a long lens is generally frowned upon.

Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a rut. I love my colleagues and I am blessed with amazing family and friends, but I’m also trying to figure out what all the other 40something, semi-cool kids are doing for fun.

My evenings and weekends went from parenting to folding laundry and pinning things on Pinterest that I’m unlikely to ever bake or make. Sure, it keeps me off the streets but I still can’t quite commit to this being it for my hopes of finding fun on evenings and weekends.

Tried it all

I’ve tried a few things, but since I am not even the least little bit artsy or crafty and so many women are, I tend to fall short.

We have covered my lack of green thumb before. I’m just not a person capable of making the long-term commitment to bring fruits and vegetables to fruition.

I absolutely adore food so it goes without saying that if I can’t keep food alive long enough to eat it, there is almost no hope for the purely decorative strains of foliage and flowers.

Every once in awhile, I manage to keep a hosta or two alive. At least until the goats get out.

Knitting is awesome. I know my Great Gram was particularly gifted in that skein. She tried to teach me and I am proud to say that I have the 1-inch square “dollhouse crib blanket” to this day. I’m sure she was amazed at my (complete lack of) prowess.

The organizer

Everyone is embracing minimalism these days and I am not one to pass up an opportunity to clean and organize. I think that may be the closest thing I have to a hobby these days? I get kind of excited about an entire day to stay home and just arrange things.

Of course, my love of organizing and “getting rid of many things” is somewhat at odds with my love of thrift shopping, both locally and online. I’m currently trying to get a handle on what might be termed a bit of an, ahem, Amazon problem.

Maybe there’s a book about that? I should probably click “Add to Cart.”

I do love wine tasting, although my talk is bigger than my wine walk. Like nearly all women my age, we talk about drinking wine more than we actually drink wine. No? Is that just me?

Wine combined with other things is kind of interesting. I just don’t see myself brandishing knitting needles more gracefully with a buzz on.

Sip and feint

Speaking of wine-inspired artistry, just the other day I was asked if I was attending an upcoming sip and paint party that was being held by a friend? I replied that I certainly hoped not.

I had to double check with myself that I hadn’t committed to one and blocked it out — which I would because those are so dreadful for me. Other ladies chat and giggle while sipping and making graceful brush strokes. I spend hours trying to balance a wine glass and minuscule nibble of cheese with hours of paint-by-instruction.

The ladies line up, beaming, to show off their artwork. I hunker down in the back. Somehow mine veer toward abstract art that was perhaps painted by drunken monkeys.

It seems fun for other people, but for me, it’s a hobby that consists of actually watching paint dry. I know there are so many endlessly interesting things to do.

I just need to spend some time figuring out what I want to do for fun and doing it. Perhaps I’ll find something on Pinterest?


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