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A brain teaser is meant to challenge or stimulate. So, the Dairy Brain Teaser is used to stimulate our thinking and provide some valuable information about the dairy industry and about management of dairy enterprises. You will find the correct answers at the end of the article and use the scale provided to relate to your number of correct responses.

This issue of the Dairy Brain Teaser focuses on where you can locate information that can be very helpful if you are a dairy (food) producer. It’s time to get started with the questions. Good luck.

Question 1

If you want to know some information about the dairy industry and you type “dairy industry” in the Google search, what position in the search will Ohio State University’s dairy Web page appear?

A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. Fourth

The Ohio Dairy Industry Online Resources Center is designed to provide information and links to other resources pertaining to the dairy industry. Some of the resources provided in this Web site are milk haulers, milk processors, milk marketing details, environmental resources, articles, spreadsheets and links to resources for managing a dairy operation.

We have also recently added information about the undergraduate program in dairy within the department of animal sciences at Ohio State University.

Question 2

In the most recent issue of Buckeye Dairy News, which of the following feed ingredients is listed as being overpriced at this time?

A. Corn
B. Distillers grains
C. Wheat middlings
D. Whole cottonseed

Although feed prices have softened a little with the harvest being at hand, the milk price also has softened. The financial stability of many dairy farms is at risk.

Since feed makes up so large a portion of the cost of producing milk, monitoring feed cost per hundredweight of milk for your farm is very important. So, what is this figure for your farm? (This was discussed briefly in a couple of my previous articles.)

Question 3

What is the official name of the organization for Ohio with a dairy farmer-based board of directors that represents producers who share a genuine concern for the future of Ohio’s dairy industry?

A. Ohio Dairy Industry Forum
B. Ohio Dairy Producers
C. Ohio Dairy Producers Association
D. Ohio Dairy Farm Federation

This is a grassroots organization attentive to the legislative, research and educational needs of Ohio’s dairy producers. It represents dairy farmers from across the state, regardless of farm size, breed or production strategy, marketing preference, or political affiliation.

It is having a round of district meetings in November at members’ farms and the keynote speakers will be addressing the sustainability of the dairy industry, especially sharing information about the carbon footprint of dairy farms.

More information is available here.

Question 4

What is the name of the organization located in Columbus, Ohio, that is “committed to providing consumers with information about the nutrition and wholesomeness of dairy foods; and its programs are funded and directed by dairy farmers to help increase sales and demand for dairy products and ingredients.”

A. American Dairy Association Mideast
B. Ohio Dairy Association
C. Ohio Dairy Industry Forum D. National Milk Producers Federation Mideast

This organization is supported by the $0.15 per hundredweight of milk accessed to dairy farmers. Even though it has provided many wonderful programs to support the dairy industry, your help within the local community is needed.

You can find many ideas and resources for use at the local level here.

Question 5

As of August 2008, which county in Ohio had the largest number of dairy farms?

A. Ashland
B. Holmes
C. Mercer
D. Wayne

The Ohio Department of Agriculture dairy division helps ensure that milk and dairy products are wholesome and safe for consumption. The division inspects, licenses, and maintains records on Grade A and manufacture milk producers, as well as milk haulers, milk processors, milk transfer stations and milk receiving stations in Ohio.

The answer to this question can be found at the Ohio Department of Agriculture Web site.

Well, how did you do? With these five questions, we have focused on where to locate information about Ohio’s dairy industry. Hopefully, you can now locate some resources that will be helpful to you. Having accurate, detailed information is powerful — knowledge is power.

Yeah, I know some of you are already thinking, “Yes, but knowledge can also be arrogant.” Well, I disagree. It’s the people with the knowledge who can be arrogant — obtain the knowledge and use it wisely.


1. C; 2. D; 3. C; 4. A; 5. B.

Brain Teaser Scale:
1/5 = So, try me in some other area.
2/5 = I would have done better if I hadn’t changed some of my answers
3/5 = Hey, over 50 percent is not bad.
4/5 = OK, I knew I was smarter than the average bear.
5/5 = Wow, I just learned something about myself — I’m a genius.

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