Moms Yearn for Comfort Foods


Most moms are not as sensational as those who live on Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives), but many moms feel a bit desperate occasionally.
As one nutrition specialist put it, “In most families I know, it is Mom who keeps the family schedule, sees that everyone is fed and clothed and the house is clean. No wonder Mom gets a little desperate from time to time.”
Perhaps this helps explain why women have different preferences in comfort foods than men. Research by the Food and Brand Lab at the University of Illinois found that men want hearty meals while women prefer snacks needing little or no preparation.
Dr. Brian Wansink, who conducted the study, speculates that these preferences are associated with pleasant memories formed in childhood. For men, comfort foods remind them of meals prepared by their mothers. Mashed potatoes, pasta, meat and soup are some of their favorites.
Women who grew up watching their mothers prepare meals, see foods favored by men as taking effort and work to prepare. Putting time and effort into cooking a meal of meat and mashed potatoes is something special they do to show their love.
When women are asked about comfort foods for themselves, they list ice cream, candy and chocolate


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