Songs of the night


One of the highlights of a worship service is the joy of singing the hymns of the church. I have always found joy, strength, encouragement and inspiration in singing the old hymns.

My late wife, Myrna, was a very good church organist. Up until a few years ago, we always had a Hammond organ in our home at which time we traded our organ in on a new piano. Myrna enjoyed sitting down at the organ or piano and going through the hymnal playing one hymn after another.

I always looked forward to those times because of the inspiration I found in them. During those times when darkness would come into our lives, Myrna and I found a great place in God through the hymns.

With the recent passing of my wife, the hymns of the church have been especially precious to me. I was reading from God’s Word recently.: “But none saith, ‘Where is God my Maker, who giveth songs in the night?” (Job 35:10).

It’s a great comfort to know God is always with us in the good times and also in the times when things look dark to us. He always gives us songs in the night.

Here is a poem written by Virginia Ely inspired by the words of Job:

There are blessings that flow from the fountain

Of grace that are wondrously fair;

There are blessings of infinite beauty

That tell of the Shepherd’s great care;

But of all that the Father hath given

To those who are dear in His sight,

There is one that excelleth all others;

He giveth us songs in the night.

When the darkness of sin rolls upon us,

And the soul is with sorrow pressed down,

And we longingly seek to find comfort

But no peace on earth can be found;

When we cry out to Christ for His pardon

And we feel the soul flooded with light

How the heart swells with praise to the Maker

Who giveth us songs in the night.

When wild waves of doubt and temptation

Like billows sweep over the soul,

And sight cannot pierce the grim shadows,

And faith seems to lose her control,

Oh ’tis then that the dear loving Saviour

Doth show forth the strength of His might

As He clothes us with sweet reassurance

With the songs he sends in the night.

There’s rest for those who are weary;

There’s joy for those who are sad;

There’s peace for those who are troubled;

His presence makes lonely hearts glad.

But the marvelous gifts of His mercy

Which quicken the soul with delight

And lift from the heart every burden

Are the songs He sends in the night.


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