Take this job and shove it



This letter is in response to the article (“The British came awhile ago,” Jan. 25, 2001). It was refreshing, at last, to be bluntly told of the loving care our politicians have arranged for us.

All the best paying jobs are exported. How sweet and tender it is that our politicians and corporate heads have learned and have done what the song dictates, “Take this job and shove it”.

So, some of the tractor producers and most of the well paying steel jobs, have been shoved and the grocery stores’ advertisements tell us how wonderful it is that our fruits and vegetables are coming from South America and elsewhere. Look at the prices.

Are our pundits preparing for the world to move here and we need all the land for more homes, more voters or what?

Besides, it will not do to have America’s workers have an attitude of “we’ll demand our rights, our unions and our government will protect us.”

Now the only effective unions are the teachers’ unions. Look what has happened to the nurses’ union. They demanded and got raises, but then half of them were dismissed.

Nursing is now a job where the remaining nurses are overcome with too many patients, too much responsibility, not enough time and too many mistakes.

Hospitals are sued and then they close. Nurses advise a family member to stay overnight with a loved one. Where once hospitals were many, now we see them going bankrupt and merging. The work world out there just isn’t what it used to be 10 or 20 years ago.

How we were lied to about the Clinton years being so prosperous. Bush is in office about a day and J.C. Penny will close 50 stores, Lowes will close many stores and hardware stores close right and left.

Our government and corporations are like men who have tired of their first wives. The future and all their possessions and allegiance now belong to a new gal, the Global economy. Both political parties helped to get the jobs shoved offshore. I hope it helps the farmers that are left.

Violet Tomm

McDonald, Pa.


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