When dogs fly

dog nose

So I was hit in the head by a flying dog. Yes, that really happened.

We have always acknowledged that our home is more relaxed than some. We don’t have a lot of hard rules and we like to let our hair down, let loose and be comfortable around the casa.

We also enjoy the company of a variety of pets including two small dogs, one kingly cat, and two goats with a lot of personality. Only the dogs and cat live in the house, but not for lack of trying.

I expect basic behavior, like no pets on the counters and tables and please don’t eat all our socks. Otherwise, I can’t really say we have a lot of rules for the pets.

I thought it was a given that “try not to kill me” was an unspoken agreement.

Landing zone

This tale is about the flying dog. We will call her Nova Grace (because that is her name and I have no desire to protect the culprit in this tale).

As near as I recall, which is difficult since I have a head injury, I was relaxing on the loveseat chatting with GirlWonder about my day. Nova was flying around the room like she is prone to do.

She is a tiny terrier mix of approximately 15 pounds of pure muscle. She is very high energy and often excited. She has many tactics and tricks, but a quick race up and over the sofa, sailing clear across the ottoman to land on the loveseat is a tried and true path.

I recall having a conversation as I said earlier. I don’t recall WHAT we were talking about because in an instant — BAM! — I was hit full force in the side of the head by an airborne, high-powered, tiny Ninja terrier terror.

She slammed into my skull so hard my teeth rattled. I instantly saw stars. Those cartoons where the victim has birds and stars swirling around their heads suddenly made sense. My head ached, my teeth rattled, and GirlWonder couldn’t stop laughing long enough to assess the damage.

Priorities of course: Let me assure all that the dog was undamaged. She seemed to take the impact in stride and was still happily cavorting on the love seat.

I have to give GirlWonder a pass on her laughter. It had to look hilarious to see a grown woman sideswiped by a flying dog.


Fortunately, BoyWonder spent some years as a state certified soccer referee and his concussion testing training came in handy. He confirmed that I wasn’t joking when I said the tiny flying dog had concussed me.

I spent the next few days nursing a headache, avoiding electronics (my oxygen and main mode of making a living) and making fun of myself for being quite possibly the only person to ever be concussed by a tiny flying dog.

I can’t say I wasn’t warned. Her nickname is “Nova Grace the Flying Ace” because A) she arrived by plane from the island of St. Thomas and B) she flies around all excited and goes so fast, she sometimes doesn’t appear to touch the ground.

She loves to speed up and over furniture, the other dog, and people. She’s usually just a little more in control of her flight path.

Really, I should be considered fully at fault for sitting on what is clearly a landing strip. I don’t want to change who she is and her high flying ways. She is who she is and she is a delight. I just need to work on my dive reflexes, and perhaps invest in a House Helmet.


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