How to make 3 sugar free snacks

smoothie, banana and granola collage

This week, we’re focusing on sugar free recipes.

When the term “sugar free” comes to mind, I think of sugar free gelatin and sugar substitutes used in bakery sweets. But the point of eating “sugar free” is to consume fewer added sugars.

Not all sugar is bad. The Sugar Association explains that we need sugar in our diet. Sugar is a type of carbohydrate, and it’s one of the body’s sources for the natural processes that happen in our cells, including muscle energy and brain fuel. The Sugar Association also says that sugar is natural; it’s found in fruits and vegetables as well as foods like whole grain breads and milk.

Your body needs a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. When it comes to sugar, added sugars — like those found in soft drinks, fruit drinks, pastries and dairy desserts — are a source of empty calories.

If you want to cut back on the amount of added sugar you regularly consume, consider replacing some added sugar snacks, like soft drinks and sweets, with sugar free alternatives. Snacks that only include natural sugars are fruit (some fruits have more natural sugars than others), string cheese and hard-boiled eggs.

Here are three sugar free snack recipes:

Strawberry smoothie recipe via University of Illinois Extension

Ingredientsstrawberry smoothie

  • 4 oz. non-fat, no sugar added frozen strawberry yogurt
  • 2 strawberries
  • 6 oz. Crystal Light lemonade


  1. Combine all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.

Naturally sweetened chocolate covered banana pops from Sugar-Free Mom

bananaBananas are rich with natural sugars, and the unsweetened dark chocolate adds some sweetness to this snack. Once you’ve dipped the bananas in the melted chocolate sauce, you can roll them in a number of toppings, like unsweetened granola or unsweetened coconut. Yum! Pop them in the freezer for about half an hour and they’re ready to eat.

Chewy no-bake granola bars from Life Made Sweeter

granola barThese granola bars contain almonds and cranberries, plus sunflower seeds and peanut butter, so they definitely can satisfy many taste buds! There isn’t any added sugar in this recipe, but it’s still sweet.

What are some of your favorite sugar free snacks? Share your recipes in the comments below.

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