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MCARTHUR, Ohio — McArthur Lumber & Post has more experience in treating wood for outdoor use than any other company anywhere. It has used creosote, penta, CCA salts and oxides, and was the test site with USEPA, CSI and Battelle Institute to perfect and make available the first and foremost environmental chemical known as ACQ.

The company was founded in 1950 by Claude Harold and the current owner is Rick Jakmas.

Nationwide reputation

The company enjoys a nationwide reputation for the absolute best treated wood products available and often specified by the most authoritative sources in the industry because of its quality and competitive pricing.

Our supply sources are superior, which affords us the opportunity to supply customers when others can not. We have had a continuous growth path from the company’s beginning due to the unmatched quality and pricing.

Our customer list reads like a who’s who in business from amusement parks, state parks and highways, as well as frugal residential buyers who have properly educated themselves to treated outdoor wood products.

Products offered

The company offers southern yellow pine pressure treated wood products for fencing, construction, highway, landscaping and portable shelters.

In addition, wire products, gates and accessories for fencing, fasteners for all other applications and coatings for after treatment fabrication.

Treated wood is available in all different strengths depending upon application and an industry exclusive warranty.


McArthur Lumber & Post started a portable animal shelter business that has grown by leaps and bounds due to the quality and pricing. The shelters have progressed from basic units to ones with tack rooms, workshops and even cabins with composting toilets.

We have been experimenting with new chemicals to insure that our products and customers are always at the lead on being environmentally friendly, cost effective and attractive.


Our competition does not warranty their posts because they are inferior in specie, preparation and treatment. Unfortunately, most consumers are not knowledgeable about treated wood products so they are vulnerable to buying something that is overpriced for what they are getting.

There is no savings with buying an inferior product which appears to be competitively priced, but does not have enough chemical in it to protect the wood.

In fact, you lose money two ways. One way is you pay for something you are not getting and the other is that you will be rebuilding your fence in five to seven years.

Informing customers of these facts is difficult due to the lack of appeal for the products and ways to communicate with the customer before they buy, especially with blue suede shoes marketing tactics by many of our competitors.

That’s why we rely upon publications such as Farm and Dairy to get the message out about properly treated wood products and educate our dealers to educate their customers to avoid getting shorted in their purchase.

Not hurt by economy

Because we are an old company with a rich history of quality and giving the customer what they pay for, we have not been hurt by the economy.

But, we continue to struggle with getting the word out on rather drab products to know what you are buying in order to get the biggest bang for your dollar.

For example, the difference in price between Class I or Class III wire is not that significant, but Class I wire will be rusted, look bad and fall apart in four to six years while Class III will look good and last much longer, maybe two to three times longer.

So, we continue our efforts to educate all those customers that need products like we sell in order to continue to enjoy strong customer growth and loyalty even in tough economic times.

We also continue to investigate new products in order to keep our dealers and customers ahead of everyone else to stretch their hard earned money.

Solid growth

Our company has always had good solid growth and we expect it to continue because of our unforgiving adherence to high quality standards and competitive pricing. Our service is beyond approach and our integrity unmatched by any competitor so we fully expect to continue to grow now and into the future.

We have 28 full-time and 10 part-time employees. They work hard to please our valued dealers and customers every hour of every day. We will do everything we can to make our dealers and customers happy with our products and services.


McArthur Lumber & Post is located at 31310 state Route 93, McArthur, OH 45651. Contact them at 800-837-2551 or e-mail Visit them at

Hours of operation are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and by appointment.


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