Friday, December 2, 2022
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On July 31, the Happy Harvesters 4-H Club created a new Cloverbud Night, run by the officers and some of the older youth.

Catch up on local 4-H news from the Happy Harvesters 4-H Club and the Londonderry Lads and Lassies 4-H club.

Leah, AJ and Garrett Grigsby decided to donate their fair sale proceeds from the Carroll County Fair this year to their cousin, Claire, who has leukemia.

The Geauga Beef and Swine 4H club met July 17 at Adam's Farm.

Select Sires has chosen Adalyn Caudill as a livestock technician intern.

Being a member of a 4-H club means commitment throughout the year. No matter the type of animal or project, invaluable learning takes place. 

Catch up on local FFA news from the Breeders and Feeders 4-H Club and the Hicks & Hayseeds 4-H Club.

The Londonderry Lads and Lassies 4-H Club met July 5, at Antrim Firehouse.

On June 12, Sew Sew Sweet 4-H Club had a business meeting. Club members talked about decorating a fair booth at the Geauga County Fair.

The 2022 Mahoning County Junior Fair Board officers include Sarah DeLucia, Lindsey Knauf, Alaina Courtwright, Will Bacho and Maddie Black.